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The WealthCare Solution™

Our mission is to provide a seamless strategy of integrated financial concepts delivered in a way that combines the finest possible products with opportunities for wealth maximization.

The WealthCare Solution™ consists of the following 3 strategic pillars:

  1. Tax Minimization
    Our strategies are designed to help you reduce your taxes, bringing you closer to your financial goals, both near and long-term. Let us explain.
  2. Wealth Creation
    Whether you need as much retirement income as possible, have wealth accumulation issues or estate preservation concerns, we can create you a plan that fulfills your needs and aspirations. Let us explain.
  3. Unique Investments
    Not pleased with your wealth manager's conventional strategy? At PanFinancial, we create our own investment opportunities that deliver strong financial returns. Let us explain.

At PanFinancial, we draw upon a comprehensive suite of dynamic products to enable our strategies and grow your wealth. They include:

The Wealth Creator™

Optimize your wealth with the Wealth Creator™. If you can invest at least $25,000 per year, you can create an accumulation or savings plan using tax deductions. This unique investment requires very little capital, grows tax-sheltered, is creditor proof, and may allow you to retire tax-free, helping you meet your current needs and future aspirations.

Unlimited Retirement Savings Plan™

Would you like to enjoy the luxuries of wealth for the duration of your retirement? This plan allows you to fulfill this goal. It provides you with tax-sheltered growth during the investment period and, even better, you may receive tax-free retirement income, as well as a tax-free cascade to your heirs.

Capital Needs Analysis

Do you feel like you’re paying too much insurance? This analysis approaches insurance differently. It takes a comprehensive snapshot of your financial goals, both near and long-term, calculating how much capital you need in order to sustain your present standard of living, when you are no longer generating income. Ultimately, it allows you to invest your money more cost-effectively.

Internal Rate of Return

The IRR provides you with comfort and security, knowing that your insurance policy may well be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. The IRR calculation compares the rate of return of a life insurance policy to that of an external investment. Its calculation demonstrates the various rates of return that you would need to earn on an external investment to match a $500,000 life insurance payout. 

Present Value Analysis Tool

As leaders in the wealth care field, we look at things differently. The aim of this tool is to provide you with the lowest possible rate of insurance that will maintain your standard of living in the future. We conduct a thorough search for the most cost-effective products available to you, taking into consideration a variety of factors. Included is the analyses of renewal premiums, the convertibility of products, the financial integrity of the carrier, and interest rates.

Guaranteed Income Program™

Grow your wealth with The Guaranteed Income Program™. It provides our clients, who qualify by demographics, with a guaranteed return 3 to 4 times greater than a GIC. Our Guaranteed Income Program™ not only provides a greater after-tax return, but can also be “capital protected”, creating a significantly larger cash flow for your retirement. Translation: you can eat your cake and have it too.

The PanFinancial Offspring Program

Quite simply, an investment in your children's future is an investment in your peace of mind. If you acquire the Critical Illness program for your offspring today, you can lock in their premiums for life.  If your health (or their health) happens to change, their premiums remain constant, saving them a whole lot of money.