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Our Standards

Our business philosophy honors a group of core delivery principles. We call them our Best Habits for Success. They are:

  • If you say you are going to do something - do it.
  • If you start something - finish it.
  • Do it with service excellence.
  • Do your personal best.
  • Say Please and Thank you.

Everyone is dedicated to these 7 habits. They are printed on the back of our business cards and enshrined within the walls of our organization.

In addition to our Best Habits for Success, our business philosophy is underlined by a duty of due diligence. Throughout our client relationship, we adhere to the highest levels of disclosure and duty of care.  For each of our concepts we provide documentation, illustrations and, where required, third party information which assists our clients in their decision making process. Clients are required to sign off on everything that they do.

As well, we take the necessary steps to ensure that our clients are always properly informed. We are dedicated and believe in full truth and plain disclosure.

In compliance with the duty of due diligence, all of our service and support staff have exceeded the mandated educational standards to ensure the highest quality of client support.

Our key staff members are life insurance and/or financial service licensed individuals. In-house training is conducted bi-weekly to cultivate an exceptional level of client service. Representatives from the insurance and financial industry, including accountants and lawyers, deliver effective presentations, providing our staff with essential tools, techniques and knowledge. Throughout the training process, we stress core values as well as technical knowledge.

In summary, you can be sure that our knowledgeable staff will be able to answer your questions and take care of your needs with competency and efficiency.