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Wealth Care Strategies: Separate your business interests from your personal needs

Thu Dec 7 11:38:00 2006
News and Press Releases
By: News Canada

(NC)—Highly successful people are known to make a lot of money. Too frequently however, they fail to keep it, or see it properly grow.

“Most entrepreneurs have everything tied up in their companies,” says Gordon Berger, chairman and founder of The PanFinancial Group, the wealth creation specialists for high net worth investors. “Everybody plans for your company – your banker, your lawyer, your accountant– but who plans for you? Shrewd financial planning should separate your corporate needs from your personal interests.

“When I first meet a prospective client with an entrepreneurial background, the person and the corporation are usually indivisible,” Berger observes. “Before long, the two are extremely divisible and strategically poised for independent growth.”

Using the Wealth Care system, the marked difference at PanFinancial lies in the comprehensive planning system, one that combines tax planning strategies, specialized life insurance, disability insurance, diversified investments,RRSPs, banking arrangements, and estate planning all into a single, integrated financial program.

“Traditionally these kinds of products are not sold together,” Berger explains. “Yet the only way to be sure you are investing in the right financial products, is to see how they work together within a single strategic plan.”

To this end, a team of seasoned professionals create individualized WealthCare strategies to integrate the entrepreneur’s entire approach to planning. “You spend a lot of time on your company’s finances, but very little on your own investments and the tax you pay,” adds PanFinancial's president.

One of the great advantages of the PanFinancial approach (panfinancial.com) is that it maybe undertaken with little or no cash requirement.

A qualified, high income individual can acquire an investment that throws off several million dollars in tax-free retirement benefits,or acquire insurance coverage for the rest of their lifetime. Investors are shown how to finance these benefits in a way that has little or no impact on cash flow, and incurs little or no tax liability in the process.

“Everything is based on a fundamental commitment to strategic planning,” Berger says. “Investors develop a very clear picture of where they want to be in the future.”

Gordon Berger is one of Canada’s pre-eminent, top 10 financial strategists and is in high demand on the business and academic lecture circuit. Berger’s arm-long credentials include achieving “Top of the Table” status – a prestigious designation awarded to fewer than 400 life insurance brokers worldwide.
- News Canada